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  • We offer flexible payment plans to pay off your balance over time. Look up your account to see what your options are.

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  • Signing up for a payment plan will help you keep your water on and avoid late fees. Once you look up your account, you can request a reminder to sign up later.

    Look up your account

  • Once you are enrolled in the Debt Forgiveness program, the amount to be forgiven will be temporarily frozen in your balance. In order to get the amount permanently forgiven, you must pay all 12 of your next Toledo DPU bills on time and in full.

    If you pay all 12 future monthly bills on time and in full, the forgiven amount will be permanently removed from your balance. Yay!!

    If you miss 1 of your new bills and become past due, your debt forgiveness will be revoked and the amount will be added back to your Toledo DPU balance.

    If you are in a payment plan for your remaining past due balance, you will have 2 monthly payments. The plan payment will be processed automatically monthly until you complete your plan. In addition to the automated plan payment, you must pay all new monthly bills directly with Toledo DPU.

    If you move or sell your house, you cannot transfer the forgiven amount to a new account and the forgiven amount will be added back to your balance due.

  • To be eligible for the Toledo DPU Debt Forgiveness program:

    • The account must be a residential account, within the bounds of the City of Toledo.
    • The past due water charges on the account must be more than $200 and must have been due before October 1, 2021.
    • The reported income must meet the program requirements, to be determined when you complete the online form here.

    If you are eligible and you enroll in the debt forgiveness program, you will need to pay the difference between the amount that was forgiven and any outstanding debt left. You can pay the amount left after forgiveness in full or you can sign up for a payment plan to pay it off over time.

  • For questions about enrolling in a payment plan, please call us at (419) 314-3402.

    For all other questions about your Toledo DPU account, please call Toledo DPU directly at (419) 245-1800.